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SEO Site Checkup

What is SEO Site Checkup?

SEO Site Checkup is a site that analyzes your website for search engine readiness. Is your site SEO friendly? This site will provide you with a score and a comprehensive list of things that need fixing. Get your free report, then get to work. Getting a good score requires that your site is technically sound …

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Time Flies

Time Flies

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Why? Because SEO results are seen down the road – you will not see immediate results. You simply cannot put off SEO work if you want to improve your search result rankings sooner rather than later. Time flies and it is of the essence. How …

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SEO Google Loves Google

Google Loves Google

Improving your Google search result requires that you do what Google loves. One of the things that Google loves is sites that use their tools. Make sure your site is is using all of the following: Google Analytics – make sure you’ve signed up for Google Analytics and installed their code on your site. Not …

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