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SureLock Garage Door Deadbolt

SureLock Garage Door Deadbolt

We like to promote our customers and one of our newest customers has a great product for protecting your garage, your home and your family – the SureLock garage door deadbolt. Garage doors are an easy and favorite way for thieves to gain entrance to your home. Garages also house valuables like gun safes, Harley Davidson motorcycles, classic cars, tools, and family heirlooms. With SureLock, you can deadbolt your garage like you would deadbolt the doors to your home and protect your investments. Learn more about how the system works and purchase your garage door deadbolt (garage door lock) here.

Watch this video to see how quickly a burglar can gain access to your garage without the SureLock garage door deadbolt.

SureLock Garage Door Deadbolt

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Last updated: 11/22/2021


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