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Setting up Google Analytics on your site

Setting Up Google Analytics

In order to measure traffic and understand how visitors are navigating your site, you need Google Analytics (GA) – sign up for GA because Google cares that you are tracking traffic on your site using their product. Here is how you sign up and set up your tag:

  1. Sign up for a Google Account

    If you do not already have one sign up for a Google Account here:

  2. Sign up for Google Analytics

    Once you have your Google Account, use it to sign into Google Analytics to create your account:

  3. Create your first Google Analytics property

    Once logged in to Google Analytics, follow the steps to create your first Property

  4. Add Google Analytics tracking code to your site

    Click on the Admin link (lower left corner), then go to Tracking Code under the Property section, copy the code and add it to the head of your site just before the </head> tag.

  5. Start viewing your data on your Google Analytics home page

    Congratulations! Your site is now collecting data about your visitors and you can now see this data on Google Analytics

Need help setting up Google Analytics?

This can be a little overwhelming if you’ve never done this before so we are here to help. Please contact us if you need assistance.

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Last Updated: 12/22/2021