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Does your site have an FAQ page?

FAQ page

Having an FAQ page on your site is important because more and more searches are being made by people looking for answers to questions. If your site does not have an FAQ page, then you should consider adding one immediately. Here are the words that are most used by people in their questions:

  1. How … ?

    8.07% of searches in the US

  2. What … ?

    3.4% of searches in the US

  3. Where … ?

    0.88% of searches in the US

  4. Why … ?

    0.82% of searches in the US

  5. Who … ?

    0.6% of searches in the US

  6. Which … ?

    0.33% of searches in the US

Do the percentages seem low?

These percentages may not seem large but if you consider how many searches are made on any given day which is 3.5 Billion, then these numbers are significant and you can use an FAQ page to help draw some of that traffic to your site. If you go to Google and perform a search, start with a question and you will notice that you’re not the first person to ask that question because Google already has it as a suggestion.

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