AI in SEO – The Dos and Don’ts

AI in SEO has changed the game. AI is transforming the world and has had a huge impact in helping create content for sites to rank higher for keywords and generate lots of traffic.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that Google has caught on and is now punishing sites that turn out AI-generated content.

If your site depended on AI content generated in 2023, then you watched Google wipe you out in March of 2024. That update was BRUTAL to many sites and eliminated their revenue overnight. Sites that were receiving thousands of visits watched as the Google update eliminated all their traffic and their revenue. Some sites were delisted completely!

If your site didn’t depend on AI-generated content, then Google rewarded you by increasing your visibility in the SERPs.

The update still appears to be having effects months after the initial update.

So how do you avoid getting penalized by Google moving forward? How do you use AI in SEO?

Here are some tips to help you use AI correctly.

Don't Use AI-generated Content - PERIOD!

So, what do you do next?

Start with removing ALL of your AI-generated content for your site or start rewriting it. Since Google is not indexing your pages, the simpler solution would be to take down the pages and start all over again.

It sounds like a monumental endeavor, right?

It is and there is no way around it.

Start creating HELPFUL CONTENT that will drive the right traffic to your site.

Can you use AI to help you generate new content? The answer is “yes.”

We’ll cover that next.

How To Use AI in SEO

We recommend using AI to HELP you create content and not to create the actual content.

Use AI to generate ideas for the following:

  • Content ideas
  • Keyword ideas to target
  • Heading ideas for your content
  •  Marketing ideas
Are you getting the IDEA now? Use AI in SEO for ideas and avoid using AI content on your site. Use it get past writer’s block and get you moving in the right direction.
If you want to test your content to see if it passes the AI test, here is a link you can use: Copyleaks
Generating quality content that ranks is not going to be easy but let’s see how we can use AI in SEO 

Helpful Tools To Help You Use AI in SEO Correctly

We already mentioned Copyleaks to help you test your existing and new content. You’ll want to do this as soon as possible to make sure you bounce back from the Google update as quickly as possible.

I’m sure you’ve heard of ChatGBT and it’s a good start. They have a free plan that will work just fine for generating ideas. If you need more power, then sign up for a paid plan.

We like to use Jasper for generating our ideas. It’s a great tool and we highly recommend it.

Any questions?

We would love to hear from you with your questions, recommendations, or opinions.

We are here to serve and want you to succeed. We wish you the best!

If you’re wondering if we were hit by the Google update, the answer is “yes.” In fact, this blog post was originally AI-generated and was de-indexed in March.

We are optimistic that this new version will meet with Google’s approval and that we’ll get some visibility in the SERPs.

Wish us luck!

Updated June 22, 2024

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SEO is never-ending so get started and keep going. Therefore, ongoing SEO is the recipe for success.

Still have questions? Then reach out to us. 

We have your answers.

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